Kansa Wand Body Work Workshop

Do you ever get that feeling that your mind, body & soul are not quite connecting in harmony with each other, are you feeling emotionally stressed and drained, physically flat and tired ? If your answer is yes, then chances are that your natural energy flow - prana (life force energy) that charges throughout our bodies is a littlle out of wack, causing blockages and imbalances within our mind and bodies.

We live in a fast pace world where at least 75% of all illness is belived to be stress related. Daily life experiences such as emotional turmoil, anxiety, stress, fear and illness, not to mention the toxic chemicals that we unknowingly inhale and ingest can cause a build-up of heavy negative energies. When imbalances block the movement of free-flowing energy in the mind and body, the resulting stagnation can lead to fatigue, irritability, physical and mental discomfort, chronic illness or habitual patterns of negative thinking and depression. These can be temporary, but can also persist which can be detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda Kansa Wand Body Work is the ultimate in relaxation therapy to help alleviate these problems by releasing the muscular tourniquets placed on the body by stress and tension. This relaxation facilitates improved blood, lymph and nerve supply to the tissues and cells, and the elimination of wastes and toxins from the body. This in turn allows nature to achieve homeostasis: ie a healthy and well functioning mind and body.

This exciting therapeutic modality is becoming increasingly popular, not only in spa and  beauty salons around the world but also in family homes as more Eastern practices are being implemented as part of a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda literally means the "science of life" and its focus has always been on creating a balanced, vibrant state of healthy mind, body and soul. The body is seen less as a collection of limbs, organs and physical systems, and more as a network of energy pathways, a living, constantly changing flow. Smooth harmonious, balanced flow brings health and vitaluty; blocked flow and stagnant energy bring sluggishness, mental dullness and disease.

Many of the practices of Ayurveda aim to keep the channels of energy open and flowing  releasing the toxic negative energy through marma point stimulation. When we touch marma points we stimulate the bodies biochemistry to produce exactly what the body needs including neurochemicals and hormones. These versatile points have a remarkable ability to produce results quickly, reliving pain and other symptoms of distress. They are highly effective for balancing the mind, body and soul over the long term.

Some of the amazing benefits of this wonderfully relaxing therapy are;

* Pain relief both locally and distally

* Elimination of toxins

*Improved digestion and absorption

*Improved function of organs and tissues

*Increased immunity

*Relives physical and mental blockages

*Relief of headaches, migraines and neck tension

*Improved blood and lymph flow

*Helps ease flow of energy through the energy channels

*Helps release blocked and stagnant energy

*And helps create a deep state of calmness to encourage a good night sleep

Treatments on the head and face, will leave your mind less cluttered  and clear. Your face will feel as though its has a gentle, lift with noticable fullness, lessening of fine lines for a more re-energised, fresh, vibrant and glowing look. Anyone that suffers from sinus issues or TMJ will also find great relief.

For many the most powerful and positive effects of this therapy are that it can bring about a profound change in perception. It allows us to become unstuck. We may not be able to change certain circumstances in our lives, but if we can see them from a different vantage point, we can become free from their stresses and grips upon us, so you could also look at it as a spiritual therapy.

The workshops are planned over 2 days and will highlight the use and benefits of these magical bronze healing tools "Kansa" known throughout its birth place, India as the "healing metal" along with specific marma points, known as the secret hidden subtle energy points throughout the body. 

We will cover techniques using all four wands for self, family and in a proffesional setting for clients. Pure essential oils that are used for additional benefits in the treatments will also be covered,

The techniques are structured in such a way that each section can be either used as a singular treatment or as a whole treatment, and can be used in conjunction with virtually any other therapeutic therapy. 

Workshops are conducted in a peaceful, friendly and relaxed atmosphere with only 4 to 6 spots available per workshop, meaning you will receive more one on one time. You will learn self treatment and experience giving and receiving the full treatment.

The cost of this 2 day workshop is $575.00 and includes the four hand crafted wands, a carry case to protect them, pure essential oil blends, additional face and body oil, wand cleaner and a detailed work book outlining Ayurveda, marma point location and action along with step by step diagrams to follow for each part of the body being worked on.

If you are interested in attending a workshop for either yoursef or as an additional service to offer clients in a professional settting, please do not hesitate in contacting me for further information.

Children and adults can benefit greatly from this form of relaxation therapy.

A $50 deposit is required at time of booking to secure your spot with the balance due 1 week prior to workshop date.

Note: Payment plans are available.